Tuesday, February 12, 2013

New friends

I laughed several years ago when my sister and husband and Tom and I went on a cruise together. We just got a table for 4 in the dining room cause we joked with each other about not needing to make new friends. We were too old to go to the hassle of sitting by people you don`t know and making small talk! ha!! We were happy to just be the foursome and talk about what we did that day and plan what we would be doing the next day. It worked for us at the time.!!

But to think about that silly comment we made then, makes me realize how shallow that was. You never know who God will place in your path. If we are too busy or stuck in our own ways, we literally might miss out on one of His true blessings that He designed for us. I do believe that friends are just those gifts and one of God`s finest reminders of His love for us. Friends are always there to listen, to pick us up when we are down, to offer help when needed, to give unconditional hugs, to sit in silence if that is what is needed... to just be there. If you are really blessed, your husband is your best friend in your home. Outside the home, those girlfriends that God gives you should be treasured. Circumstances bring people together when you least expect it.

Circumstances happened today for me. I met a new friend, Peggy. We have been brought together through sad circumstances. We have emailed back and forth a few times and I had the privilege to actually meet her today and we shared a hug as two friends who have known each other for a life time.

You see, Peggy has been through a hard, hard journey these last few months. Her  precious grand daughter, Ann Reese, was killed in a tragic swing set accident on Christmas Eve. Her son`s firstborn. What could be more horrible to live through.... the heart break, the empty spot in her life, in her heart that would always long for that sweet little girl to be with her.

It started when a mutual friend of ours, contacted me about doing a sketch of Ann Reese for her to present Peggy as a gift, a reminder of her precious Ann Reese. My first thought was, me? I don`t think so. I couldn`t possibly draw the likeness of her and do her justice. I didn`t feel like I was a portrait artist and didn`t want to disappoint the grandmother. But after talking to her and thinking about it, I said that I would be glad to if she didn`t expect a portrait....

Well, I sketched then painted and had it ready to give after much debate on my part if I was finished or if I could add anything. My friend picked it up and had it framed and delivered to Peggy.

Several weeks later, Peggy, not knowing me at all, reached out to me through facebook and thanked me for the picture. She mentioned that her daughter in law, had expressed an interest in having prints made for her. I was honored and touched that my picture of Ann Reese brought a small amount of joy to this family who had been through so much. So I had the prints made, touched them up with more paint and had some note cards made with her picture on it for them to have.

I am  not saying any of this to bring any attention to me.... only saying that through all circumstances He can bring good. Through this terrible accident, I was able to meet with Peggy, to give her a hug, as only a grandmother to grandmother can do and feel her heart, her loss, her spirit, her love for the Lord... and give thanks for the Lord. Thanks for new friends.

The good news, they will see Ann Reese one day. She is happy as can be right there in the presence of the Lord,  and most likely playing with Peggy`s mother who went home to be with the Lord a few months earlier.

This family now have a new little baby Jane that was born a few weeks after Ann Reese went home to Jesus. She now,  brings smiles and laughter to their house once more.

Peggy shared that as she was looking at the picture one day, noticing that I had signed it "Jane" she smiled at that picture in her mind of Ann Reese sending that little message to her new baby sister, Jane, that she was alright... You see, I always sign my work, jlazenby, but for some reason on this particular picture, I had only put Jane... Coincidence? I think it was a God thing, straight from Him to Peggy, just when she needed that little bit of encouragement.

We are never too old and should never be too busy to make new friends as we keep the old!!

Thank you Lord, for the privilege to be used in Your Master Plan.
Bless this sweet family as they learn to go on without their precious Ann Reese, and as they love their new little girl, sweet baby  Jane....

Have a great day,

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