Saturday, February 9, 2013

A walk in memory of Kazza

I have recently met this friend on facebook. Isn`t it funny how that happens? She has been a real supporter of my facebook page. She comments all the time about my angel pictures. She is a school teacher in Canada. She has asked me for permission to use a few of my angel pictures, not to copy for money, but to copy so she can use them to encourage her students. She leaves 'notes" around, never her name, but just encouraging notes for students to find.

One day she sent me a note telling me the story of how one girl found one of her notes with the blue angel on it.

"when I went to church I left two of the angels behind...when I came out after Mass...they were gone, and some one left a message where the angel had been...I put it in a plastic zip lock bag...and they took her out and put in a note , that said, thank you...I needed an angel today...I was so alone"

"I put a journal out with your angel in blue. One of my students found it and was showing me what she found. She said, my Mom died a yr. ago today and I asked god to give me a sign she was in heaven with her. and here she is, now on this journal. do you know who left this . I told her no, maybe your mommys angel. you gave her the gift of memories of her mom, through your art."

I had asked her for the girls name so I might write her but I didn`t know that she was doing these random acts of kindness and not leaving her name.She doesn`t want anyone to know it is her. This is what she wrote me back after I asked for her name...

"I tried to be very clever today and get T's (Trish) email, and she told me they do not own a computer, or anything like that. I did not want her to know I put that little angel out. I put little notes on the mirrors in the morning, I am the first one at the school and have been doing that for yrs. Would not want anyone to know, who does it. they love the positive little notes...some just say: stay on task, you can do it.... or ..... you are loved and perfect just the way you are. etc. I think it is very important to reach out..and I love leaving little secrets for others. so much fun. and yesterday...your angel made someone a very happy little girl. thankyou again. I will use your art work again...and again...over and over, leaving angel messages for everyone in my town. that is what they will now be called: gracie's angel messages!"

and then.just last week..... she wrote me ....

"A friend of mine, Kazza passed away on the 16th of January, and there are a group of 50 people who are going to climb her mountain for her. she tried last yr. but did not make it. so for cancer research, they are raising money to climb and fulfill her bucket list for her.

Click here to read her story. She was a 6 year survivor of breast cancer..

So, all this to say, she sent me a picture of her sweet friend, Kazza, and I drew her a sketch and will make note cards for them to have as they climb in her honor. What a great group of friends they are to remember her in such a special way.

It has been a great journey with her, as we worked together to get this mission accomplished.. It has been my privilege to be able to share some of my work with her, in order for her to share with others. You just never know who God will place in your life, do you?

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Have a great night...


  1. That's a great portrait of your friend. Blessings!

  2. What an inspiring story and lovely portrait.

  3. What a beautiful story. You have me in tears. I make little angel cards too and send them to friends and family...I might start leaving them for others to's a great idea. :) Good luck to the mountain climbers..

  4. Wonderful story, very touching and beautiful tribute to your friend! <3

  5. what a great story, even though sad that someone passed away from cancer. you really have a generous spirit. like you said, you never know who god will send your way. sometimes we help them, sometimes they help us.

  6. Wow! Inspiring story and wonderful illustration ~ lots of spiritual hugs to you and all ~

    Carol of : (A Creative Harbor) ^_^

  7. Gorgeous very special and beautiful! Fantastic shading..kind eyes..and love the hair..wonderfully done!
    Happy Sunday Sketches!

  8. what a sweet way for art to inspire and sort of heal, I always like to think what we create will somehow make someone happy or inspire them to do things.

    sweet sketch and have a sweet day.

  9. Now this is one awesome tale of joy! What a precious teacher this new friend is and how wonderful that your art is a part of her good deeds. I can only imagine how uplifting this all is for her students and other people who find her/your angels/notes laying around here, there and everywhere. A terrific I idea that I now hope because you printed it here will be picked up and done by many more! Happy Sunday Sketching!

  10. What a beautiful, stunning story. Thank you for sharing with us. :)