Saturday, February 9, 2013

"A walk to the mailbox"

As I was flipping through one of my favorite magazines, "Southern Lady", I came across a page at the front of the magazine entitled, "A walk to the mailbox"

It was a page from readers that had written to say what the magazine means to them.

"Receiving my copy is like a mini vacation. I sink into my favorite chair with a cup of hot tea and read it from cover to cover"

"Thank you for making a northern lady with ties to the south feel so ladylike"

"I cherish each issue"

"You really touch the soul of women with all your wonderful articles and colorful pictures"

This just reminds me of the reason that I started my little note card business years ago. I wanted them to be special reminders of the lost art of letter writing. I wanted to introduce personal letter writings to young girls by making the front of the blank cards, funny and whimsical . I wanted them to appeal to girls of all ages.

Someone once said that "receiving a letter is like a little sunshine on a cold wintry day. They warm my heart." Yep, that is what I want my cards to do.. I want them to warm people`s hearts when they receive them....

You see, I am a softie at heart. I love to receive cards, hand written notes or letters. I have a box full of special cards and notes that I have gotten over the years. They were special then and I imagine that one day, I may just go back and re read them again. One day, when I have extra time and a box of kleenex!! I was talking to a friend the other day that shared she had a box of letters too, as many of us do. But it was funny to hear her say, "I have told my children that when I die, just throw the box away. They will not mean anything to anyone but me!"

I was thinking that I need to do the same thing to my children.!! I found that box that Mother had saved but since she didn`t tell me to throw them away.... I couldn`t. I didn`t want to take a chance that there might be something in there, a part of her, that I just couldn`t throw aside. So, they are here in my closet with many of her things. I guess I will need to instruct my children to throw those away too.!!

 But, just goes to show how important words are. They can be uplifting when we need them or if we are not careful, they can put someone down. Either way, they are important and remembered.

Today, words are just as important as they always have been. People like to receive them, like to save them. I like to think that my cards are helping people remember to take the time to write. "A walk to the mailbox" could be just what the doctor ordered!

Have a great day!!

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