Saturday, February 9, 2013

Finished ladies

I have finally finished my lady canvas paintings.. After a few weeks or so of thinking, painting, drying and the final touch of epoxy, the girls are finished. They are sitting on my mantel looking out at me as I am writing this morning!

As I am working on revamping my sites, and dividing my paintings and my personalized stationery , I will be placing some of my original paintings up for sale on my new site. I heard someone say it was hard for her to sell her" babies" after she had worked so long on a project, and I can see where that might be an issue for some projeccts.  But also, I realize that my house will not hold every single thing that I paint.!!!!   If I want to continue to do what I love and paint more projects, it is the right step for me. The right move.... to sell and spread the love and hopefully the smiles, that the paintings will bring to others...

So today, here are the first three ladies that will be for sale... they were fun to create for sure and may just be the start of a new line of my girls! Lots of thoughts and possibilities running through my mind as I think of all that!!

Happy Sunday Sketches with bluechairillustrations!!
Have a great day

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