Thursday, February 7, 2013

Tutorial for knit baby leggings

I saw this really adorable turtorial today on  Spoonflower`s blog.

I love Spoonflower. They will take designs you have and make them into fabric! I am keeping this in my mind to one day..... try it out! How cool would that be?
So, enjoy this tutorial for these little leggings....

Anda Corrie's sweet knit baby leggings project. Read on for your adorable project fix below!

23-finished-leggings-ed (1)
Let's make baby leggings! First, you want a stretchy fabric. I’m obsessed with Spoonflower’s interlock knit at the moment— it’s super soft, a little thicker than many jersey knits, and I find it makes awesome baby clothes. The pattern I’ve included for download is for size 6m. If you have a favorite pair of leggings that already fit your child, try folding them in half like the pattern demonstrates and tracing them instead. It will be hard to make any sizes larger than 9m with a fat quarter, however.


  • baby leggings pattern
  • one fat quarter Sponflower Organic Cotton Interlock Knit fabric
  • matching thread
  • 17.5” of ¾” wide elastic
Lay the fabric out and fold each end inwards like shown. Cut two pieces of the pattern piece on each fold. From the remaining fabric in the center, cut two 4” x 6.25” rectangles.
Open up the pattern pieces and place with right sides facing. The wider edge is the waistband. Pin from sides of waist to where the fabric makes a point and sew with a straight stitch.
Next, open up the pants so the seams you’ve just sewn are now in the center instead of on the sides. Line up the legs as shown, pin, and sew along the inseam.
Turn leggings right side out. Fold about ¼ - ½” of the waistband over and straight stitch around the top.
16-attach-elastic (1)
AndaFQTutorialI like to stitch the elastic directly to the back of the leggings to keep it in place. After doing this, fold over about 1” of fabric around the elastic and stitch. Be careful not to catch the elastic as you go!
Straight stitch along the short end of each 4x6.25” rectangle, making two little tubes.

Fold them in half like this. And then put them over the bottom of each pant leg, with raw seams all together.
Cuffs collageZig zag stitch around raw seams, turn right side out and you’re all done!
Leggings made from organic interlock knit from Spoonflower

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