Sunday, December 23, 2012

Special order baby angel

Recently I had a request from a facebook friend, to do a painting of a baby angel. She just lost her Mother this year and wanted to have a special painting to give her new granddaughter. she wanted it to be in memory of her Mother, the great grandmother that her little Hadley would never know.
So, I painted this picture, trying to make it look like a young child. I sent it to her framed and hope it will be a memory for this precious little girl as she grows older, to remember her great grandmother.
Glad to be part of the bluechairdairyillustrations Sunday Sketch! Go check out some really great artists!! Have a great night, Love,


  1. This is a really sweet little angel and the story behind it is beautiful. I think she'll love it.

  2. Your baby angel is absolutely a doll. So precious. Thank you for sharing with us.

    Happy Christmas! :)

  3. what a lovely gift and a sweet remembrance. i'm sure it will be treasured!
    happy holidays!

  4. That is so sweet , what a wonderful gift! Merry Christmas. Manonx