Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas on the back porch

I don`t usually carry my Christmas theme out on my back porch but this year decided to give it a try. I pulled an old Christmas tree out of the attic that I had used on my front porch for several years...
I had found a lantern at Hobby Lobby that I used with one of my silver candlesticks and a blue candle. I was on a quest to find some pine branches to decorate with and on my way to the post office one day, I went by the boy scout lot that was selling Christmas trees. I happened to notice that the dumpster was over loaded with branches that had cut off of the trees. So, I pulled close and quickly pulled some out of the dumpster. I felt like I was doing something illegal but I am sure that they would have gladly given them to me if asked!! I used them to put around the lantern on my back porch table and it finished the look.
In keeping with my theme of simplicity, I used an old wreath, pulled the velvet ribbon off and put a burlap bow on it. Tied it up with a burlap strip that I cut to loop around the top. I was looking for burlap ribbon to use, but after not finding any at the stores, I just cut some fabric and it worked great.
Merry Christmas from our house to yours!! Love,

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