Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Never too old to learn!

Lisa and I had a day of planning, talking, eating and trying new ideas! We missed our other buddy, Jo Anne but we discovered new things to do on our next craft day when she can join us. We started off with some pillows of hers that she had stenciled the fabric on already. We put crosses on them for her to finish up at home later.
Lisa had picked up some pumpkins at the Dollar Store, thinking we could do something with them... so we found an old dictionary, tore some pages and mod podges them all over. They were not completely dry so we will finish them next time... but they looked good....
Then a bit of lunch... then it was time to get to the jewelry making part of the day... Lisa had brought some blank cuffs to use and as we were getting things ready for the cuffs and hammering away, we had a light bulb moment.... I had this picture of some necklaces that we really liked, little silver boxes with antique, vintage things in them and old chains. Really cool look.... as we were cutting the silver for something else, we thought... why couldn`t we make our own boxes for these necklaces? So... that is what we did. Had a bit of trouble figuring out the soldering since it had been years since I had used it, I pulled it all out of the attic and tried until it was figured out!! We ran out of time but left, saying we would be back and make more boxes and be on the look out for cool things to go inside of them... next time, it will go quicker since we have things a bit figured out. After all, that is the hard part, figuring it all out, about what and how to do something...
Lisa has really perfected these cuffs! I love them. still have to figure out about the riveting on top, but she is a pro with it all. These silver boxes were so fun to think about how to decorate them!
So, as the day is ending and my back is hurting from standing up more than usual, it has been a fun memory of creative juices mixing together! We missed you, Jo Anne!!! Have a great week Love,

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