Friday, June 8, 2012

Dog sitting

As my son dropped off his two Italian greyhounds this morning on the way to the beach... my day changed a bit...It took them a little while to get settled into the new surroundings, and they were walking back and forth across the hardwood floor, sniffing, looking and making those clipping sounds as their toe nails touched the floors!! Everywhere I went, they followed right behind. At one point I put their bed in the bathroom and shut the door, just so they would lie down for a minute. The howling began, and hitting the door with their I let them out, and decided for me to just sit down on the couch where they could see me and then they seemed to settle down. So now, what to do, you might ask?  If you could see my couch, you wouldn`t wonder that... I call it my desk. I have things stacked all around in neat piles, most of the time, so when I am sitting, I can have something to do. My sketch pads, magazines, notes, scanner, sharpies (extra fine tips!!) and devotion books. So I have plenty to do on my couch!  I had some ideas in my mind for some new cards, so that was where I started. Drew up some designs, outlined with sharpie, then scanned and colored them in photoshop.

Fun to see them come alive...
Now, it is time to take the dogs out for a walk, so I will wrap up my couch business for the day!
Have a great weekend!!

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