Friday, June 8, 2012

Visit with Laura

Yesterday I had THE most awesome privilege to go see Laura, who is fighting cancer and praying for that miracle.  Funny as things come together when you have no idea how....

I found a very talented man, Bill, from California, who does amazing carved angels. I contacted him to see about ordering one of his angels if he had any with rainbows. He sent me a picture right back with the most beautiful angel, holding a rainbow. I knew how important rainbows were to Laura, so I wanted to get her one of these to take to her..

 It came in the mail this week and I immediately got in touch with her to see if she was up for company and she was so sweet to say, "Yes" she would love to have me come over. You see, we have written back and forth on the computer but I had not actually met her. I have felt like I know her since reading her caringbridge blog, written so honestly and open about her journey. So, plans were made and I headed out in the morning to her house, not too far from me. As I was driving over, I wanted so bad to pick up my phone and call Mother. I would always call her in the car to tell her what was going one... It was at that moment, that I felt the emptiness that she left in my life when she went to Heaven.. But then, I realized that if she were still here, I probably would not be going on this mission. I would not have had a compassion for caringbridge and journeys that others are on. I probably would not have even known about that tool.. Since I wrote hers, it has really made me aware of others, walking these hard journeys. So, I thanked God for giving me the opportunity to reach out in a very small way, to one of His children, walking such a hard road.

Laura, is beautiful, inside and out, as she is fighting with each breath that she takes on this cancer walk. She is a warrior, fully armed with what she needs to get up each day and move ahead. She is aware that God is the only way she will be healed.. She was so gracious and shared a bit of her journey with me. I gave her the angel, and the very first scarf from Bound for the Promised Land!

She took her oxygen off for just a minute , put a little lipstick on, then posed for my picture!

I felt so thankful to God for giving me that opportunity to visit with my new friend. We prayed that He would heal her body, and make her give her complete healing... We prayed for strength as she gets up each day and for her chemo next week to not make her too sick... We hugged, then I said good bye, as I left her to rest.

Lord, take care of Laura Black. Shower her each day with blessings and strength that only You can give. Let her time with her family be sweet, sweet time of memories, old and new, help her breathing to continue to get better and please Lord, make her cancer go away..... we pray for her a  miracle....

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