Friday, May 11, 2012

Chevron Frame

Today, I had a fun day with my daughter in law, Lacy, as we did a few projects. First, we started off by getting us some Annie Sloan Paint at Faux Studio Designs.  The owner, Stacey, is a professional faux painter and offers faux painting classes at her store.  She sells  the chalk paint, brushes and waxes out of her studio. She is located on Old Montgomery Highway in Birmingham. Her store  number is 205- 982-4464. She opens at 11:00 and we were there when the doors opened. We picked several different paint colors out, French linen, Provence and Old Ochre. She told us it was best to get both  the clear wax and the dark wax. So of course, I had to get both of the waxes and a wax brush, the check out the damage to my wallet. The products are not cheap but they cover a lot of pieces. It looks like the wax will last for a very long time. We gathered up our purchases then headed home to get started working. We already  had several pieces of boards,  all different sizes to use. Lacy had found some magnetic clear picture frames from the Dollar General Store for $1 each, to bring for us to use. . She said they were hard to find so when she found them, she bought all they had...

Now on to the designs.... We started off using painters tape to get the designs ready on the boards. One was just the stripes and the other we did in a chevron pattern.
Then we finished with the first coats of paint on our boards.

We used the clear wax first and waited for it to dry a bit then put a top coat of the clear mixed with a small bit of the dark wax... When they dried, it was time to play with the frames and the bows...

 We had some old burlap ribbon from an Easter project that worked great as the bow. I had some old buttons with rhinestones in them that I had from an earlier project.( I had actually gotten the buttons on ebay years ago, and some of them were too big for what I was doing, so I saved them for another day. Luckily I remembered where I had stashed them, and pulled them out today!)

 When the afternoon was over, we had two finished frames to show for our work... The chevron  frame  was trimed with a black burlap bow and the perfect frame for a wedding invitation . We think it would be a great wedding gift or baby gift.... The other frame was two boards glued together with the clear frame on top. The burlap ribbon was finished off with one  of those extra buttons that I had saved. We are already thinking about what the next frame will look like and what we will use.

Have a great night!

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