Sunday, May 13, 2012

Birthday celebration

We have had such fun with our friends, Bill and Pam, since they moved back to Birmingham several years ago. Pam and I were best friends in High school with so many memories between us of good times... After school, I left first because I was a year older. We both married, moved around, had children, children graduated and left home, and then... all of a sudden, God brought them back to Birmingham to pick up where we left off all those years ago. Bill had gotten a job at Regions with Tom, so their friendship started back too.

Last night, we went to their house to celebrate Bill`s birthday. It was a coming out party, kind of, since all four of us have been on a diet for a while and are not eating "good" food all that much. But... Pam thought we could splurge being a birthday party. So, they cooked out steaks, had green beans, rice pilaf, and wedge salad. She felt like that was kind of still good on our diets since we didn`t have loaded baked potato and bread.  I went along with her thought, cause I didn`t want to seem rude.

Her sweet mother, Margaret, was there with us too. I always sent her a Mothers day card each year since she was like my second mother growing up those years of high school. It was fun to be with her to have an early Mother`s Day... We ate outside on the covered porch with the rain still coming down lightly. The food was excellant!

After dinner, Pam pulled out the dessert surprise. Dream cakes cupcakes!!! I have been trying to avoid them for two months and there they were... not just any dreamcake cupcakes, but my favorite ones... "Over the Moon" cupcakes!! To make matters worse... Margaret had brought her Mother`s Day gift from her Cile.... chocolate covered strawberries from "Sharies Berries" OH MY GOODNESS!!!!  Ok, again....... not to be rude, she made me eat dessert and I gladly took my dessert plate and split a cupcake with Tom. Then... a very thin slice of strawberry. The sugar melted in my mouth as it went down... a taste I had almost forgotten about....

Bill blew the candles out as we "Sang" to him and the dessert began...

It was a fun birthday celebration with good friends....

Have a great day!

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