Sunday, December 4, 2011


Well, today, I got a lesson in humility. Yes, seems as God has a sense of humor with me today.... As I got out of the car, ready to go into church, I looked down and realized that I had put on my brown skirt instead of my black one. They are just alike, both long jersey knit, dark skirts. They fit the same and in the dim light in my closet, I guess they looked the same. Funny thing is, I even glanced in my mirror as I put on my BLACK sweater, BLACK shoes and pulled out my BLACK purse to take. How might you think, could I walk through the house, get in the car and not realize? My only excuse is that I am getting old, blind, and have a husband who doesn`t really notice things like that. He even went to work last week with two different shoes on!! He offered to take me back home, once I realized my dilema, but that would have made us late so I sucked it up and went in. All the time walking in, saying that it was teaching me a lesson, no one would notice and if they did, it didn`t really matter. We were going to church to hear the sermon, not be concerned about what we wear.....
So, I went to church, even went out to eat afterwards, with my mismatched outfit on. All the time, I could imagine God with a slight smile on His face, knowing He was trying to show me something and wondering if I would get it. Well, I do get it.... We have been talking about how God doesn`t look at the outside, but He sees our inside.... Just made that seem a bit more real today. It literally doesn`t matter what we wear on the outside, what the world sees us wearing, it is what is inside our heart that matters.
Now.... I am not the fashion queen by any means, but when I leave the house, I usually feel confident that I look presentable to some degree, in my mind anyway. Who knows what the people that I come in contact with think?!!! But today, it made my outfit seem a little less important, and what I am doing for God on the inside that counts. Ok, lesson learned. Now hopefully, I will not be learning that again by wearing mismatched clothes!!

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  1. Well, all I can say is that recently...1/2 way through my day of teaching two college coursed I looked down to realize that my boots didn't match- each other. I was wearing one each of the two pair of tall black boots I own. Yep, its a weird feeling....