Sunday, September 15, 2013

Loving my pens

I have really enjoyed playing with my new pens. I keep them in the den all set up and can go "color" with them when I get new doodles done. I have finished up two new backgrounds that will be scanned and ready to make new cards with this week. I may have gone a bit crazy with the designs but they were fun....

With my computer back :) I can hook up my scanner and get back to full swing.... so tomorrow, that is what I will be doing with some new designs.... My heart is smiling at the thought of scanner and computer back together again after 10 days apart!!! Sad, I know!!

Have a great day!!


  1. Wow! Your doodles are fabulous! Love 'em! xo, janice

  2. Oh how beautiful your doodles are! I've only discovered them now and immediately fell in love with this wonderful, colorful artwork!

  3. Amazing colourful doodles. I'm so happy to hear the happy ending to the story of the computer and the scanner!
    Enjoy your week ahead