Saturday, September 7, 2013

Computer crashes and leaves me hopelessly up a creek!!!

What a week. For some unknown reason, my computer decides that the hard drive is going to crash..... wow.... I just never knew how much I depend on that thing til it is no longer functioning.

I took it to a friend who works on computers to plead my case and see if there was any hope. He has had it since Tuesday... running a recovery disc, trying to get all the files off... Dell was called and new hard ware, under waranty , is on its way. It cannot get here quick enough. I am already overwhelmed in my mind, of how many orders are waiting for me to fill when I get back to work... UGH?!!!!

But, I am just trying to do things that I didn`t have time to do while I was on the computer daily!! I had bought an online class several weeks ago from an artist who I love, and finally just sat down and listened and drew. So much fun....

Then today, I found an all day marathon of NCIS, which I love, and sat down with pen and paper in hand and doodled the afternoon away!! My husband was down in the man cave, watching football and switching the chanels all afternoon. So, in our own little worlds, we were both very content and happy!!

So, I have two doodles ready for paint or markers or something..... I may have gotten carried away but it was fun..

Not great quality because my scanner doesn`t work because I don`t have the computer to hook it up to  :(

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Have a great week!!


  1. Lovely doodles! They look great in black and white, too! <3

  2. Not to much at all, I LOVE all the details! Sometimes it's a blessing to be forced to have no electronics. I wish mine had a timer and would shut off everyday for awhile. ;)

  3. I absolutely love your girls. I'm amazed at the detail and how delicate each one is. Wow! I'm sorry to hear about your computer issues. I've certainly been there.

  4. Fun drawings, hesitant to call them doodles, perhaps doodles with a purpose.? Good luck with the omputer.

  5. Your girls are beautiful. The details are incredible. I am sorry that your computer crashed but so happy you had time to create two such beautiful sketches.