Monday, July 15, 2013


Have you heard the story about the man that had to walk through a mountainous area to get to work? There on his path was a hug boulder wedgeed between two mountsides. This boulder was bigger than big, 10-15 feet wide, thousands of pounds and everyday as the man approached the boulder in his path he would struggle up the mountainside to pass around it. Everyday he wished that this obstacle was removed from his pat.
Then one day he decided to ask God for help
he said, "Lord, can you see this boulder in my way? It is slowing me down. It`s hindering me. It`s causing me all kinds of problems. Lord, Please remove this obstacle from my path."
The man was amazed to immediately hear from the Lord. He  said, "Son, I`m no going to o move that rock... you are. I want you to push it out of the way."
The man immediately began to argue with God. He said, "but Father, I am not strong enough to move this boulder. It weighs thousands and thousands of pounds. If I could move it, I wouldn`t already done it. It can`t be done."
The Lord listened to him patiently and replied, "trust in Me and you will have the strength."
So the man decided to obey God even though he didn`t understand how he was going to accomplish this amazing task. he thought in the back of his mind that if he obeyed God, then He would probably just move it for him. So he pushed.
The man pushed and pushed. He strained and struggled. He got on the high side of the boulder and pushed with all his might. He used his legs, and arms, this shoulders and back. After hours and hours of pushing he was exhausterd and he said to the Lord, with a little disappointment in his voice, "Lord I pushed htis boulder all day long and it hasn`t budged. I told you that I couldn`t move it. It is too big, it is too much of a struggle."
Just like that boulder wouldn`t budge, God wouldn`t budge either. He told the man, "son, I want you to continue pushing until this obstacle is removed from your path. I know you youcan do it.
Everyday the mand pushed the oboulder. He pushed and pushed. He labored more than he ever had. he had NEVER met an obstacle like this... but he faithfully went to the rock and pushed dday after day, week after week, month after month.
Finally, the Lord spoke to him after about six months. He said, "son you don`t have to push the boulder any more. I am goingt o open up a path around the boulder for you.
Sure enough, thta afternoon a tornado ame through the valley and cut a perfect path around that boulder, and this man, although he was grateful, he was just a little "put-out", a little frustrated. He said to the Lord, "Why did you have me waste my time pushing on that boulder when you knew that you were going to make a path around it anyway? here I spent all this time, effort and energy struggling. I don`t understand, Lord."
God said, "Son, you haven`t wasted your time, look at your legs, look how strong and powerful they are. Look at your arms, look at your shoulders and back. You have developed muscles you never knew you had. Son, I used that boulder to develoop you, now you have persistence, determination, and stamina." God said, "the entire time you were pushing that boulder, I was watching you very closely, every moment you struggled, I was beside you, and as soon as you developed, as soon as I knew you were stong enough, as soon as i knew that the work was done in YOU, that is when I immediately opened up a new path."

You see, God know when we are ready, our job is to faithfully PUSH until then.

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