Sunday, July 14, 2013


This week in a group that I belong to, our leader, Beth,  challenged us to do something that we had not done before, something that would take us out of our comfort zone.  I have been thinking about that and no lights have gone off in my head that would lead me to the perfect project, but I am spinning some ideas around !! In the mean time, not sure if these two projects count but.... I did two things, a bit different, that I had not done before.

This first picture is kind of my look but I used different supplies.... I drew my girl then used distressed markers, that I had bought months ago to try out, and some watercolor colored pencils to finish her off....

I also had been saving some foam core sheets from Michaels to cut and make my own stencils. There are some great tutorials about doing these. I had tucked that thought back in my mind where so much is stored. Bad thing about that, is that when they are tucked back there, unless I have physically written them down somewhere, sometimes they are forgotten!! But, this particular idea interested me so I had it fresh in there to try.

I went somewhere this week where they had a whole trash bin filled with wood scraps. Small, mis-shaped and odd sized little wood scraps. Trash to some, but to me, that light bulb in my mind went off! I asked if we could have some, my friend Lisa and me, and the lady said ,"Sure, it is just going to be picked up when the trash comes." So, we looked at each other with smiles, and proceeded to gather enough to fill our arms, leaving happy, happy , happy!!

When I got home, I pulled that foam paper sheet out, and started drawing and cutting. Then I glued those cut shapes on the different sized wood. This is as far as I have gotten but am ready to start stamping soon and try them out!

I had to do the "Believe" one twice. Of course, I forgot that it would stamp reversed but at least I realized it before the glue was completely dry, so just pulled them off and turned them over... And notice, the girl`s toes hang off, didn`t have wood quite long enough for the whole body, but I think I can make that work...

So, in my mind, this is stepping out of the box for me. Hopefully, I can venture out a little further one day but for now, this will have to do.

Enjoy your Sunday!!
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  1. I love making my own stamps too. Great idea for the wood and foam.
    visiting from sunday sketches

  2. your stamps are cool and your girl is so cute too!

  3. Like your use of the markers and pencils. You are very inventive with the foam, these stencils are wonderful :)

  4. I love your sketch, and that's a great idea for making stamps. I especially like the girl's silhouette. Blessings!

  5. Your girl is beautiful. You made some great stamps too. Have fun with them.


  6. Lovely sketch, her hair is awesome! The stamps look great!

  7. She is beautiful, lovely colours!

  8. She is so beautiful. I LOVE her eyes and emotion behind them. :)