Saturday, July 27, 2013


I have been playing with some doodling this week. I went out to get some micron pens and was all set to start. I watercolored the sheet of paper after I had drawn an outline. Then used shades of yellows and soft oranges to fill it in.  Then... the fun begins...

I can`t truly say how much enjoyment I get out of these new micron pens!! Give me a pack of them and I am a happy girl..... so, after the watercoloring was done, I pulled those microns out and started outlining and doodling the words. I love to sing "You are my sunshine" to my grandson. I spent many years singing to my own children, so I thought I would do a sun and words to match on this doodle.

After I finished, I scanned it to use for notecards. It was a fun afternoon.

 I have just ordered some of the tombow watercolor  dual brush pen set  and so excited to get them.

.. I have been told that once you use them, you don`t use anything else. So, I may like this watercolor look, combined with doodling!! At least I get to use my micron pens!

Have a great new week.
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  1. I have never tried micron pen and you inspire me to work on watercolor like this too. Beautiful sunshine artwork here :D

  2. Lovely and whimsical. I have a soft spot for "you are my sunshine." My oldest son would sing it while rubbing my belly when I was pregnant with his little brother. Beautiful work.

  3. Lovely card, those new pens look fantastic!

  4. Pretty, love all the lines!

  5. I love this song and your card is terrific. So happy and detailed.

  6. It's fun to hear your joy over these products. That is quite the set of Tom Bows!
    Delightful sunshine too!

  7. Jane, I just LOVE your sunshine doodle! Oh my gosh, probably my fave of yours yet. Totally made me smile! I've not heard of tombow watercolor dual brushes...hmmm. Always love to try something new but must get on my feet first. Pretty tough being a single, full-time student!

    xx :)

  8. Thank you, sweet ladies! I appreciate the comments. I hope you all have a wonderful week!!