Monday, June 3, 2013

Memory Wreath

Before it’s time to blink, capture those memories! Here is an awesome, TO DO WREATH, for you to enjoy.
This is straight from  Karianne from thistlewoodfarms

wreath with pictures
how to make a picture wreath
Step 1:  Assemble supplies and remove the easels from the frames.
The frames I chose were connected by a hinge on the back.
I twisted the easel part of the frame until it was loose and then removed the pin between the hinges.
picture frame back
back removed from picture frame
After removing the easel part of the picture frame, the hinge should remain attached to the frame.
This allows the frames to lay flat on the wreath.
Discard hinges (unless you are planning on starting a highly sought after hinge collection).

black and white pictures
Step 2:   Print out the photographs you want to use with the wreath.
I printed out black and white pictures from my computer onto basic photo paper.
I printed out wallet size photographs and it was almost the perfect size for the 2″x3″ frames.
wallet sized picture frame
Step 3:  Add pictures to frame.
Make sure you have a variety of the 2″ x 3″ frames and you have a selection of horizontal and vertical photographs.
Continue until all frames have been filled.
wiring picture frame for wreath
Step 4:  Add floral wire to the back of the picture frames.
Cut each piece of floral wire in half and thread through the holes where the hinges used to be attached.
Pull the wire tight and twist.
Make sure the wire is taut against the frame so it will stabilize itself against the wreath.
adding picture frame to wreath
Step 5: Add wire with picture frame to wreath.
Take the open end of the wire and wrap it around a branch of the grapevine wreath.
Twist and secure tightly so the frame lays flat against the wreath.
Tuck the ends of the floral wire into the wreath.
wreath with pictures
Step 6:  Continue adding picture frames to the wreath.
Add the picture frames to the wreath, alternating frame styles and horizontal and vertical pictures.
Picture frames should overlap and be spaced closely together.
Continue until you have filled the entire wreath.
It took me approximately 24 picture frames to complete the wreath.
memory frame wreath
Hang up your picture frame memory wreath and your heart will smile.
Families are such a blessing and what better way to preserve the wonderful moments you spend together… you can be ready…..
….for the next time you blink  :)
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  1. cute idea! but don't tell my hubby, he LOVES photos and he will want me to make one!!