Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Welcome HOME!!!

I have to say, as I saw this picture on my daughter`s facebook yesterday, my heart smiled. I feel safe in reposting it here because I am fairly sure that she does not read this blog.  With all the technology in today`s world, there is much too much for her to keep up with out there in her own little world. So, I can post away, right?!!

When I was in high school, my mother made me the most beautiful dress to wear to prom. I felt like Cinderella, all decked out in this most awesome pink, glittery silky fabric. I still remember when we went to the store to pick it out.... There was a store down the road in Pelham, called the "Cloth Barn". It had all sorts of fabric, and then if you were really lucky, you could find the fabric of choice in the big boxes of random pieces. You would pull it out and weigh it, and then buy it by the pound. That is where we found several of my dress fabrics. It was a good day, after we found, weighed, bought it and then drove on to Hancocks to look for that perfect pattern.

Mother could sew anything. She was an excellent seamstress, and loved to make us things. This particular dress was worn for the big night then pushed aside in my closet. Years passed, she saved all the long dresses she had made me and one day she decided that I needed to bring them to my house to keep. Imagine that?!!

When Lara was growing up from time to time, she would pull out the box and dress up in the dresses. On her 16th Birthday surprise party, we had a limo pick the girls up at our house and drive them around Birmingham for a few hours. Before they left, for some reason, that box was pulled out and each of the girls found a dress to wear on their trip around town. It was a special night of dress up!

Last night, Lara told me that she was going to pick up her roommate at the airport with some friends. She didn`t include that part that they were going to be dressing up for the event! So when I ran across this picture, it brought a huge smile to my heart! That dress has a history for me, and to see her wear it to bring smiles to others, was a good thing. I was so proud of her at that moment, for not caring what people thought about how she looked, dressed as a princess with the tiara and all, but only wanting to make her sweet friend laugh and feel loved.

Tami says it is the best welcome home at the airport EVER!!!

Love you, sweet girl!!

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