Thursday, June 6, 2013

Life`s blessings

I treasure my friends. When life gets so busy, it is so worth it to take the time to nourish those friendships. Sometimes you don`t see each other for weeks, months or even years, but a true friendship picks right up the moment your eyes meet. Smiles are given freely. Hugs are cherished and felt long after you leave. Words of encouragement, tears of joy, looks of grief, shared sorrows, hearts full of love, never at a loss for words but silence accepted when needed..... All gifts that are shared , given and received between friends.

They come when you least expect them. Some started when you were little, others come as you grew older. Friends when you marry, then new friends when children come. Friends through the children growing up years, then friends as you settle into your next season. Friends, when you  are going through difficult times with parents. Friends who have lost their parents, friends who are empty nesters. Friends going through difficult times with jobs, friends who get ready to retire... All of life`s seasons, either bring new friends and/or you weather the chapters of life with some of the old ones. As we enter those new chapters, it brings people together that are doing the same thing at that point in our lives.

After all, the Bible says that God gives us trials so we can help others going through them later.

Reminds me of the song..." Make new friends but keep the old, some are silver and the others gold!"

Children can grow up to be friends. Husbands become our best friends. Siblings become our friends.  Mothers turn into our best girl friends as we get older. We have the opportunity each and every day of our lives to make a new friend. The cycle starts.... the gifts are there, waiting for us to receive them.  Question is.... do we make "TIME" to watch and listen for them as God sends those opportunities to us? or are we too busy?

So, as I speak about friends, fresh on my mind is my lunch today. I met two sweet friends and our 11:30 lunch turned into almost last ones leaving the restaurant at 2:00. Now, that is what I am talking about!!. Friends never run out of things to say to each other. You would have thought we were solving the world problems. Truthfully, we could have done a better job than what we have seen lately, but that is a different story!. We talked about children, weddings, babies, parents, and future opportunities to get together for more adventures and memories. Then eat a bit, then talked some more.  We prayed in the middle of it all... What a privilege to be able to do that.!!

I am reminded tonight of how Mothers and their children turn full circle at some point, as I think about a story one of my friends told us. Her mother is in an assisted living home. She makes it a point to go each day to be with her, watching as she slips away a little each day. We talk about how you just have to go to the world that she is in now. Gone are the days when she understands the days and what she did that morning. Interesting thing about this alzheimers, when it invades, it leaves past memories so often but not recent memories.

As a young girl, my friend could remember how much her mother loved flowers and would always have them and loved to give them away. So now, so as to bring a bit of the past and familiararity to her mother, she takes cut flowers from her yard to brighten up her mother`s room. Many of those flowers, she says, were actually cuttings that have grown from her mother`s plants that she had shared years ago. Isn`t God good? He knew these would be bringing joy all these years later to her.

Anyway, not only does she take flowers to her mother, but knowing how much her mother used to enjoy giving them to others and sharing them...... My sweet friend, buys bud vases, a few at a time, to take and fill each one with a few flowers, then rolls her Mother from room to room to share with the other residents there. Now, her Mother is taken back in time to a place where she did the exact thing. She may not remember those years ago as she is sharing these beautiful flowers, but she is able to spread some joy and smiles to others through the situation she is in today. Friends you might wonder? The best friends, Mother and daughter.

I am thrilled for my friend, although it is a hard time to see her Mother like this, thrilled that she is near and that she has this opportunity to love on her Mother in such a special way. Proud to see how God is using her to encouage others through her Mother.

My other friend, is facing her days, with her Dad in an assisted living home. So, the cycle begins... Children taking care of parents. But oh, what a privilege it is to do, if we are  lucky enough to be close and able to love on them as they get older.

I know I have been rambling a bit, but my heart is full tonight. Full of stories shared, and full of appreciation for my friends.  Thankful to God , for blessings that He showers down, and praying to never be too busy to miss an opportunity to be a friend to someone.

Have a great week!

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