Saturday, June 8, 2013

Wedding season

I love to paint brides. Seems like it is the time for requests to do personalized paintings of future brides. . I certainly do not feel like I know everything that I would like to know about painting from an actual picture, but I try to do "Likenesses" of them. If you have the hair with the same style and color, that is a plus from the start!
Anyway, I had a request from a new friend, who I have met through facebook (!!), but still call her my friend, since we have written back and forth so many times, to do several pictures for her. She has three daughters, all getting married in the next year or so. The first daughter, I started this week... stunningly beautiful to look at her picture in her beautiful wedding dress.

I am not finished yet, still  a bit of touch up left to do, but here she is so far.... One a close up

This one, the whole dress. She still needs some features, possibly?!!

Well, maybe next week, she will have a face!
Glad to be linked to Sunday Sketches  here  at Blue Chair Dairy Illustrations . Click on the link to see some amazing art...

Have a great week!


  1. Hi Jane,
    These are beautiful. Love the dreamy quality you've created... just gorgeous :)

  2. How lovely to have been asked to paint these for your friend. I especially like the second one - the background is beautiful.

  3. Beautiful brides and I love the soft dreamy colors!

  4. Happy bride, lovely painting on it's way!

  5. Both are beautiful. There is an especially dreamy quality to the second one. I love the colors that you used.