Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Mothers Day projects to try

One of my very favorite blogs to follow is Dear Lille... She takes awesome pictures to share of her precious little girls, shares project ideas and inspires me with all of her decorating projects she does around her house. She showed how to take a little box from the craft stores, use mod podge to cover over the picture of your choice, then fill it with cardstock pages that you have put more pictures and sayings. What a great idea to do for your Mother or grandmother!! You can check it out here

 She makes it look easy, and using her pictures and talents to put it together, you would think it costs much more than the $10 she says!   

  My Sweet Savannah   is another blog that she was talking about. She created another project to do for Mother`s Day.  Check her out

Then... a new blog for me, Thistlewood Farms, was included in these projects to share. She made some awesome spoon necklaces. Click  here to see her creations.....,
Have fun crafting. Thank you girls, for sharing these great ideas with us!
Have a great day,
Love, Jane


  1. hi Jane, just found you by clicking a SS link on bluechairdiary. Love your blog and sketches so much. I'm your newest follower.

  2. well, Thank you, Suzy. Glad you found me! Come back often as you like!! I hope you have a great weekend!!