Saturday, April 27, 2013

Printable clip art thoughts

I have been asked lately if my characters that I use on my notecards were available to purchase for clip art. At first, I thought that I really didnt want to do that...... I wanted them to be used only for my cards but as the weeks have gone by and I have seen that there is a market for clip art, I have rethought the idea. With so many people creating their own cards and invitations, I realize they are looking for art to go on them..... so, this week I started this new journey. (All the while thinking in my mind, and asking myself  the question, "Did I NEED another journey to start on at this point of my life?"!!)

I have started to actually think that I may have a form of ADD!!! I can`t be happy doing one thing. I am always looking at things and trying to figure out if I could do it. So, I have to try it. I may not do more than one, but have to at least try it to see if I can do it! I don`t tend to stay with one particular hobby cause there are too many to chose from!! Does that not sound like ADD?!!!

In my "Craft" room upstairs, I have different stations... one for sewing, one for my Cameo Silhouette stuff, which I haven`t really learned to use yet, fully, one for my painting, and one for my jewelry makings, and then the majority is for my card paper and envelopes that I do the most of. So, you see, of course, clip art falls somewhere in there, right?!!

Anyway... that is what I worked on this week, in between other projects, of course!!
I have proudly learned to take my images in PSE11 and take the backgrounds out, leaving a transparent background that enables the image to be used for clip art on any background.
So, I drew some new images, but also pulled some old ones out to tweak. I have put them up in my etsy shop and am amazed that people are actually buying them. here ...

My etsy shop

Here are a few of the designs so far...

This is how they look when I list them, with the watermark.

My only point in sharing this is to say, one, you never know what the week with bring and two, I guess you are never too old to try new things. That is what keeps us young at heart!!

You can see my cards that are on my other etsy shop here where I use my designs for my notecards

Have a great week!!
My pleasure to be linking up with Sunday Sketches today!!



  1. Really cute, the guitarist is awesome! :)

  2. Amazing Sketching. Nice Collection of Artworks.
    Anyways, Here's my artwork for this week.
    !! Happy Sundays !!

  3. Wonderful and divine sketches ^_^ Adorable !

  4. Hi, I am visiting from Sunday Sketches and I just wanted to tell you how much I loved your work. The details were awesome and each girl made me smile.

    I used to teach gifted and talented students. Either they had one interest they really got into or many many things caught their eye and they just had to learn about it. I recently, finished becoming a creativity coach and I learned the same thing. Many of the very gifted and talented people who were studying with me were always trying new things. It is very much part of who they are.

    I really enjoyed reading your post.

  5. what a great idea, and i can see why they are selling, since they are super cute!

  6. they are fabulous and am sure they are crazy popular... xx

  7. super cute girls! love that rocker girl!! :)