Sunday, December 2, 2012


Thankfulness..... seems like this has been a month where people have been expressing their thankfulness on all sorts of social media. That is a great thing to be giving thanks publicly, for all to see what is important to you. But as I was thinking about it this week, Thanksgiving week, and feeling thankful myself for all that God has blessed me with, it struck me how this should be our daily habit, not just at Thanksgiving but everyday. As the world and all the worldly things get busy, our lives get equally busy. Busy saying "yes" when asked to do something, busy trying to do everything, have the clean house, have the best clothes, have the "things" that make us happy. Which brings me to my next thought... what really makes us happy? When we strive to get the perfect outfit to wear, and then wear it, are we truly happy? Maybe for that special event, but the next day, what will our next quest be to make us happy? Thankfulness is more than these worldly things. They will fade away and be forgotten. Thankfulness is from our heart and from God who blesses us daily. Our job is simple... just to be still and know that He is God, to recognize the gifts and blessings that He so richly showers down on us. Sounds easy, right? WRONG!!! It is not easy to be still and listen. We want to make it ourselves.... we want to create our own happiness.... God has reminded me this week especially, about what is important. Families are so important. Important to nurture, important to work on, important to love, unconditionally. Friends are important. Thoughtfulness is important, caring for others, smiles, a friendly word to a stranger, a wink, a glance.... all of these are gifts. It is up to us to use them ... This week, I had two of these gifts given to me. One of my sweet, sweet young girls that had been in my Bible Study class several years ago, sent me a Thanksgiving card in the mail!! In a time where that is almost a lost art, she took the time out of her busyness, to think of me. She home schools her 5 children, runs marathons, works out each day, and takes care of her children in all of their activities..and yet, she took the time, to write me a note in a card. She knew it would be a time, at Thanksgiving, that I would be missing Mother and wanted me to know she was thinking of me. Another sweet friend, who I have never met, and maybe never will, emailed me to let me know she was thinking of me. You see, we met a few years ago, through her blog, as she wrote about her missing her mom who had been gone for 8 years. It was a particular hard day for her, and my Lara found her blog and emailed it to me. I contacted her and our friendship began. We have kept up pretty regularly through emails and encouraging remarks for no reason... I feel a connection to her, through our journeys, both without our Mothers. She wrote me a note on Thanksgiving to say she understood. She was missing her Mother too. What sweet, sweet gifts these ladies gave me that day. God is so good to provide all of our needs just when we need them. I am thankful for both of these sweet ladies and what they mean to me. Thankful for God loving me enough... He is enough....

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  1. You are blessed ~ lovely post ~ (A Creative Harbor) ^_^