Sunday, November 25, 2012

More Sunday sketches

I have been working on a few sketches this week in preparation for the Christmas holidays. I tried to draw my grandson in a pencil sketch. I always think it is harder to work on someone you know, cause it never seems just right! I think I still have a bit of tweaking to do, but for now, I will let it rest!
Also working on some Christmas mixed media pictures. I used a filler, to raise the images that I wanted.... then painted it all with a white to cover.... Here is the first look after I had the first coat of color on it... The wood was an old piece that I had in the basement, I think it was an old shelf of some sort, but is was 11x13 and about an inch thick...
I had some old burlap that I took and pulled the edges of it to make "Straw" for the bottom of the manger and the manger itself. It made excellent straw!
When I finished the colors, I stained it with a walnut stain, wipped it off and let it dry... then I used some triple thick glaze that I got from Michaels and coated it thick on the whole picture. Now, to just find a spot to set it up and wait for Christmas! Thankful to be a part of this Sunday Sketch group that Blue Chair Diary, so sweetly and faithfully does , each week! have a great week, Love,

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  1. very beautiful.and such talent..your sketch/art is amazing...absolutely stunning!The soft shading and textures..totally his hat too!! And your nativity scene is so very special and wonderful!
    Happy SS!