Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Watercolor Crayons

Who knew that such a thing as watercolor crayons existed?!! Certainly not me.. I am wondering where the heck they have been all of my life! Besides the fact that I have not heard of them, and never used them.... I am most excited that I have found them!! I love everything about them! I love how they are not messy, how they blend with just a hint of water on the brush and I love how they look. I am just attempting to play with them and see the possibilities. I have lots of practicing to do and lots of learning but for now, it is a fun thing to sit down, open my pack of newly purchased watercolor crayons and get lost in time, drawing and coloring!
This is an attempt at my first canvas using them.
Even as I look at her this morning, after letting her rest last night, I am seeing things that I can do to improve the final look. I already scanned her in and used her for one of my note cards with a saying under her. She is not finished. My mind is wondering, thinking of ways to add to her and build up the background, but for the moment, she will be my reminder of a brand new world that just opened up for me!!
Have a great day! Love,

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