Tuesday, September 4, 2012

New Linen Pillows for the porch

I have been seeing lots of pillows made from fabric with words printed on it. I really liked the looks of them, a bit shabby looking. It has become my quest, ( yes, quest... when I want something and can`t find it.. it becomes my quest!!) to find just the right one for my back porch. After looking for quite some time, I just couldn`t find one that I liked. As I was in this store last week, looking for some Annie Sloan paint.... I happened to see some fabric there that I loved. I asked if they carried it and she said it was a drop cloth from Home Depot that they had stenciled! My next question... did they have the stencil? Yes, they did!!
I really splurged on it cause it was $48!! But my mind was spinning as I thought about all that I wanted to make from it. I had bought some linen online a few months back and this was the perfectc fit!! I pulled that linen out and got the stencil ready to put on with some brown, watered down acrylic paint.
When the stencil was finished, I cut the pillows out. 18x18 inches. I decided to use one of my applique patterns on the front of the pillow. It is from Meringue Designs and I love it. It is a free handed cross...
Once the cross was on, I stitched the pillows together, stuffed them and they were ready to go on the screened back porch for their new home.
I am already thinking of other places to use the stencils! Have a great week! Love,

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