Thursday, September 6, 2012

Bride Portrait

I recently did some bridal note cards with a new painting that I just finished. As one lady saw it posted, she commented that she would love to have the original. Her son is going to be married this fall and she wanted to have that painting to have for the parties and the wedding. She had one request, that I cover up the tiara on the veil and put some purple in the flowers to match what the bride would be carrying...
I had some more of the wood that I had used in the painting, and was going to be painting some yesterday anyway, so I decided to do another one, to surprise her, to be more like the profile of the actual bride. She had sent me a picture to see the colors of the flowers. While I do not do exact acrylic paintings, too detailed for me, I love to do "likeness" of a person, to add in my paintings. So, this is the finished painting that I did for her. It will be all packed up and sent in the mail tomorrow to find this new bride to be and her future husband!
Have a wonderful Friday and weekend! love,

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