Friday, June 29, 2012

Lila Pearl Johnson

Last night, Lila Pearl Johnson was born... Not world news, but to this family and extended friends, it was the end of a long wait, and the beginning of a brand new life. Funny, that one day, we can be celebrating the life of someone dear at church at their celebration service, then the next day, another celebration is taking place... a new life has been born. Both are miracles, one in this new life, the other celebration is  life through death. ...

June 28m 2012 was all about Lila Pearl!! Her name was not decided until she was actually born, so it was fun to pass it along to all who were home waiting to hear. Lisa has been a beautiful expectant Mother... Todd, the anxious expectant father. Their family was made complete when they looked into the eyes of their new little princess. Life will never be the same!!

Lisa, is Rebecca`s, my daughter in law, sister. The youngest of three Alvord girls, it was fitting that the whole family was there to help welcome this first little grand daughter into the world!!

Heston was spending the day and night with us while the rest were at the hospital waiting. We needed a little project to work on this morning, so we got the art supplies out, glitter, glue and markers and started making a book for him to take to Lila when he went to see her...

We printed some pictures out so he could add them to the pages.

He put his artwork on several pages, then we glittered the front page.

When we were finished, he wanted to make one  for him to take home. So we started the process over again. We got  a bit too much glue on some of his pages for the glitter, so we put them outside in our 105 degree weather today to dry. It didn`t take too long for them to dry out there!

We went downstairs for a game or two of "hand pool" then I finished up some embroidering for Lila. I have been anxiously waiting for the name to be announced so I could get her some personalized things ready!!

I am looking forward to meeting Lila when she gets home. I will let her rest a day or two from all the excitement!! Happy "Birth" Day to Lila Pearl!!

Have a great week,

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