Tuesday, May 29, 2012

"God says" inspirational note cards

Lately I have heard of so many stories about young people, young ladies, who are fighting huge battles with cancer. Just yesterday one sweet mother passed away after only 7 months of fighting with ovarian cancer. She had two small children..... I have talked about Laura Black on here just recently, who is fighting cancer, waiting for a miracle. It really has made me think of how important prayer is, how important words of encouragement are. Being so touched by these stories of their journeys, and knowing how much my Mother loved receiving cards from friends during her illness, I brought out my drawing pen and paper. Trying to think of words that one would say to a friend who is sick or going through a difficult time, I came up with some new designs.

These are called my "God says" note cards..

In closing, I ask you to continue to lift up Laura Black in your prayers tonight. She soooo needs a miracle....

Have a great night,

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