Monday, May 21, 2012

Art Show at Briarwood

I have talked about my adult art class that meets each Thursday and how much that special group of ladies means to me. As the year is winding down, Jo Anne, our teacher, always has an art show in the lobby of Briarwood, to display this last semesters projects. This includes all of her students, young and old. It always amazes me  to see what she is able to pull out of her students. Today, I went and walked around and saw all the beautiful pictures, each one a style of its own.

I snapped some pictures while I was there to share....

 Some are so small you cannot see too clear but this bird is Lisa`s. She used a mixed medium background with a palette knife then painted the birds and nest on top. Love the colors. The one beside is Buffy`s painting of a group of sailboats... she painted for her best friend....

This one is done by Peggy. She has four grandchildren and she captured them all on this canvas. Isn`t it beautiful!?!!

This one is painted on tin, then framed in a rustic frame. Lynn did a great job with her tree trunk and flowers!!

This is my little tutu girl that I did.

She was fun to watch her come to life!! When I started, I had no idea that she would end up with a tulle, fluffy tutu skirt. I used a palette knife to do the background in shades of purple and a touch of blue and white for the stencils. As I was painting her, I thought I could try to mod podge some tulle for the skirt in layers but...... the tulle would not stay down and it was going no where as I had thought... so at that point, I pulled out the glue gun. The glue gun is a girls best friend for sure!! I took strips of tulle, all bunched up and starting sticking and gluing until the shape of her skirt was formed. When I had finished gluing, I took a long piece of tulle, tied knots about every 2 inches, until I got a piece the size of her hem. Then I glued it down around the bottom of the skirt to just give it a finished look with an even hem.  I added her some lace socks and tennis shoes, then she was all ready.

I put her in photoshop, and highlighted some of the white areas then added words, to get her ready to be used on my blank note cards. I am thinking about doing prints of this little girl to sell.... already have some requests so I will be working on that..
I have no little girls in my immediate life right now, but dream of a grand daughter one day to share these girly projects with! My grandson, Heston, is fun to do the boy projects with and we plenty of them..... In the mean time, my sister`s little grand daughter has graciously received some of the projects that I do which are not appropriate for little boys!

So, thank you, sweet teacher.....sweet Jo Anne, for all you do for us, for all you inspire us to do with your encouragement, sweet and kind words and your expert knowledge of all things "art"!! Thank you for taking the time to show off our work for others to see.... and for all the behind the scene work that you do in preparation for the shows.   We are blessed..... We love you!!!

Happy Monday!!

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