Monday, April 2, 2012

Birthday thoughts....

Well, here it is again, the big day... April 2... my birthday. I always tease Tom that from Feb. 13 until today, he is two years older than me. Now, with April 2 here upon us, the gap has closed, like it always does, and he is just one year older!  The time goes by so quickly it seems. When I think back to 38 years ago, when we married, it seems like not so long ago. When I play with my grandson, it brings back memories of when my three children were that age, and seems not so long ago. But... when I look in the mirror...?!!! Well, then it all comes back to me that it was a long time ago indeed!!

Birthdays are coming more quickly and each milestone is a different season. I was a bit hesitate to embrace the big 5 0 when it came and now with the big 60 in the not too distant future... I have taken a new look on aging. It is celebration indeed, not a time to be concerned about the numbers. Celebration for another year that God has given me with my friends and family. Certainly this year, as well as last year, I am missing my Mother , especially on this day. She would always be the first to call  me in the morning to tell me Happy Birthday. She would always plan a day to take me, Anne and Bill out to eat to celebrate our birthdays together, since they are all so close. She would have hunted and found the perfect , most  thoughtful gift to wrap up in a pretty bag with lots of ribbon on it. Many times it would be something that she had made for me. The package would always  have a special card that she would underline words that meant what she was feeling. Signed the same way each time.... I love you, Mom

Yes, missing her so much but through that, smiling inside as I think of her, not at my birthday celebration but celebrating the risen Savior with Him! As we are celebrating Easter  this week, she is there, in His presence! Life is short. These last two weeks, I have lost two sweet friends, around my age. Thank the Lord, they both are with Him today. So I have been reminded, to be thankful for each day, make the most of each birthday cause we are not promised tomorrow.

I am thankful for this birthday. Thankful for my family and friends that I can share it with. Thankful for my sweet mother, who 58 years ago, was at the hospital giving birth to me!

Have a great day!

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