Friday, February 10, 2012

Cypress Inn Bran Muffins

Mother used to love to go to Tuscaloosa for special occasions with her friends to eat lunch at the Cypress Inn. It was a short drive from Birmingham and a fun outing for the ladies."They had the best muffins", she would say after she got home. One day she got the recipe for them and would make them for us to eat at many dinners at her house.  Even though I have several of her recipe books here at my house, they are packed away in boxes that I have not gone through yet. So when I was trying to help my daughter in law plan a bruncheon at her house, I thought of these little muffins and how good they would be. The wonders of modern times.... I googled them and got the recipe.

As I was making them, I remembered all the times Mother had done the same thing in her kitchen. As I took them and spread them out for the bruncheon, I thought of her and how she displayed them at her house. So many things, so many times, still remind me of her.  Tears come, but a different kind of tear... tears of happy times with her, tears of missing her, but tears of seeing her in Heaven and believing that she surely must be seeing us, smiling down on us and knowing we are doing good. She did her job of raising us, now it is her time to be basking in her inheritence that God has promised to all of us who believe.

So, here is the famous Cypress Inn Bran muffin recipe. Hope you can enjoy it one day as you cook a delicious meal for your family and serve these special muffins. They are perfect to serve with your favorite jam or jelly. Enjoy!!

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