Monday, January 30, 2012

To my children

I know you don`t remember or Lara, this was before you were born, but when I had my miscarriages, three all together between Brent and Lara, the last one, we had tested, sent to the pathologist, to see if there was a reason for this third miscarriage. The results came back with it being Trisomy 18. A condition where there is an extra chromosone, three instead of two of this particular one....

When I noticed this morning that Santorum`s daughter, Bella, was hospitalized over the weekend, I was drawn to read the article when I noticed she had Trisomy 18 from birth. Wow.... When it happened to us, I was told that almost always, these babies are not carried to full term and if they do, they would almost always be born still born. This little Bella is the exception to that "Almost always". It brought tears to my eyes to see what she must go through, what her parents must go through watching her, every day.

The point of this note to you is this..... God walks along us during each trial.... I have said so much during Mother`s battle, that I don`t understand but we trust God that His is the perfect timing.....Now, seeing this, remembering how heart broken I was when I lost those little ones, I didn`t understand then either but trusted that it was in His perfect timing.... I realize that today was His timing, His showing me the "why"... it happened.. I certainly wouldn`t have wanted our child to go through this each day. Yes, we would have loved it so much but it would have broken our hearts to have to watch it being so sick. So, today, I am thankful for the three most perfect children that He blessed me with , and thankful that with the three sick ones, He has them in His care and we will be together one day.

I love you all so much!!



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