Monday, January 30, 2012

Customized fabric?

Click here...  Making customized fabrics

Oh, my goodness...... I just found this site, through watching Nate Berkus Show, where you can send a picture or image and they turn it into fabric! How cool is that!?!!

I cannot wait to figure out what to send in to have some really neat customized fabrics to use for that special project!!

I love to record Nate then watch at my leisure and fast forward through all the things except his decorating ideas and tips. Today, he had a lady from Country Living magazine and she  talked about the Country Living Fair that they have in Atlanta in the fall. It is at Stone Mountain, where I have been many times for Yellow Daisy Festival but I have never heard of this Coutry Living Fair. It looked like they had many vendors who sell old or vintage items that you can use to recreate another look. Pinterest people could go crazy there!! The lady had bought several prints for $3, and sent them to this site to make some fabric that she used for pillows... My mind is spinning as I am writing this, thinking about this!!

Happy Monday!!

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