Thursday, November 10, 2011

Tulle wreaths

I was making a wreath, in my mind, to have for the door this weekend for a show I am in. I went to Hobby Lobby and just kind of developed the look from what I saw there. I wanted to use tulle but thought it might be kind of expensive to get enough to go all the way around the wire frame, but..... as I was looking around, I saw some that caught my eye. It was in the Christmas section and all the Christmas ribbon and lots of other Christmas items, were on sale 50% off. I found a huge roll of 100 yards of tulle, for 9.99, which meant $5.00 for 100 yards! They only had hot pink, red, white and black but I grabbed some of the pink and red, got my wire frame and some accent ribbon to tie it up with . Then I found some really cute pom pom picks to add to the top to give it that whimsical look.

First I cut strips of the ribbon, about 10-12 inches long and set them apart.

Then I took the roll of tulle, gathered it up like I was making a bow, about 4-5 inches for each loop, did 6 or 7 loops on each side and tied it in the middle with the already cut ribbon.

I put 2 "bows" in each section of the wire frame, fluffed the tulle out and was on my way.

I was excited with the finished look and it only cost me about $13! I finished the red one and went on to start the pink one. Well, I couldn`t leave it not finished, so this is the finished pink and lime wreath.
Have fun trying your own look out!

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