Saturday, November 12, 2011

Music Art

As I was going through my Mother`s things after she passed away last December, I found stacks of sheet music for the piano. I was just holding onto it as I have been with lots of other things from her house, and decided to share . I have tried to find new homes for many things and these music pages were the next step to that. I took them to my ladies art class and last week, we all had a good time, picking some pages out to use as our new project. We painted a canvas board then mod podged the sheet music on top of the canvas. Some of us used a whole sheet, others used more of a collage look but we all had our boards ready to do some creating.

We had a spend the night party at one of our art ladies lake house last Thursday night and took our art supplies with us to finish working on our projects. It was so fun to see what every one did with their canvases. Some picked out music with familiar words in the title to use. Others found titles with the name of a granddaughter in it, and used a picture of her on it to paint.

I decided to do a red bird on one of mine and of course, I used my favorite subject, angels, to paint of the other one.

After I had finished these up, still had a bit of time before bed, so I did a ballerina, not on music, just on the canvas. She is a bit sassy with cowboy boots on! JoAnne suggested that she wear them and I kind of like the look!

We finally headed to be around midnight. Our hostess, Anna, had thought of everything for us. We each had our own beds upstairs. They had 4 bedrooms with enough beds for each of their families when they come with all the grandchildren. She had cleared out the sun porch and set up tables with newspaper and paper towels and plates. It felt like we were on an expensive art retreat! Lots of good food to be eaten but most of all, lots of good friends to enjoy the night with .

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