Saturday, November 26, 2011

Linen wreath

I have had the best time this fall, getting to play around on pinterest! It has fast become a favorite thing to do when I sit down at night. Several weeks ago, I found this wreath on there and have been waiting to try it out. I got the foam wreath frame and wrapped it before Thanksgiving, hung it up in the hall and proudly showed all those who walked by it. It has visions in my mind what else had to be done. Today, as I was getting my Christmas boxes down from the attic, the urge to finish up the wreath hit. I found the pictures that I wanted to use, printed them on the textured scrapbook paper that I had already gotten and cut them out. Tied them to some jute cords and hot glued them on the top by the ribbon. I bought some satin cream ribbon to hang mind up with , also found a pick with lime green glittered leaves and accents that I really liked.
After I finished it, I took it to the dining room and hung it on the mirror. I can now, walk by and look at the finished product and it is a good thing!!

Thanks to
for her tutorial about this project. Love her blog,

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