Wednesday, October 5, 2011

New craft room

I have been having the best time looking around on Pinterest! I have been inspired to do a room do-over for my computer room upstairs. When the kids were home, it was a bedroom. Then as they boys left and I realized I had an extra bedroom, I used it as my computer/sewing room. It was nothing special to look at, just a room where I went to sew when I needed to. The computer didn`t even still work in there!

And then... pinterest came into my life!! I started seeing all these wonderful craft rooms that people had and it inspired me to come up with a plan. The plan took a bit of time, trying to figure out the main color scheme. One day, it all clicked. I was at Home Depot, and looking at paint samples, I spotted some Disney cards with different themes and colors. The High School Musical one popped out at me and those pretty color combinations. I wanted pink for the accent color, I knew that, but they had used a pretty teal, lime green, pink. I loved it!! I added a touch of black to mine too. It is all painted now, and I love the blue color. I used an old brass chandalier, spray painted it black and hung it for the light. Still have to get the curtains hung and an old mirror that I distressed is waiting to be hung. But you can see where I am going with everything when you walk in. Here is just a preview until I get other pictures taken, of what it is looking like.

In this picture, I took an old bulletin board, stapled this fabric all around the edges, with the ends folded under. It really makes a statement with this bold fabric. I used this board as a display to hang some of my art. I had enough fabric left over to cover a small little chest that I will use in there. I am excited to have it all done real soon and to be able to go up there to work.

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