Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Hair adornments

I have been playing around with some ideas for fancy hair clips. My dining room table is loaded with fabric, lace, ribbons, newly constructed rosettes, feathers, jewels and just a lot of other "stuff".

My sweet husband has been very patient with me this last week. We are having some work done in our bedroom and most of the bedroom furniture is actually in the dining room. So you see, all of my craft stuff on the dining room table doesn`t really seem very important compared to all the other big furniture all around the room! I am in trouble when we have to move it back into the bedroom and my table is visible with my crafts on it!! Maybe I have another day or two before that happens....

My friend, Pam, and I have been talking about these clips for some time now. She bought a really pretty one for her daughter in law to wear in her wedding. After looking all around and finally finding what she wanted, she realized that this was a need out there for brides. Not many to choose from.... so it made us start thinking...

Here is the first finished product, not a great picture but you can kind of tell the look we are going after.

This one actually has three rosettes on it and a bit of vintage lace to one side. I found a sweet little crystal button to put onto the middle to finish it up. These are especially fun for me to create because it gives me a project to use some of my Mother`s old lace and fabric. She had a whole room just for her sewing and crafts in her basement. When she died last year, it all became mine to go through. Well, I haven`t gotten to the point where I can give much away so I brought lots of boxes home with me. Little by little, I am going through her treasured things and trying to use some of the lace on special projects. She would have loved for us to be able to use her beautiful lace. I found some feathers to use to give it a bit of a whimsical look then glued the back on. It is all ready for that special occassion for someone to enjoy.

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