Monday, October 31, 2011

halloween 2011

Well, Halloween 2011 has come and gone. It started early this afternoon as I went to Tommy and Rebecca`s house to meet up with them. Heston was already dressed in his Green Lantern costume and ready to go to the parade. They live so close to the little down town part of Crestline so we just walked. It was kind of like taking a step back in time, to see this parade with all the floats and the cars, throwing out candy, toys, and moon pies! When the parade was over and people were clearing out, that is when the fun continued for Tom and Heston. They went in the streets, looked closely to see what treasures were left untouched by others. Heston ran back to show us the stash. He had found silver fake coins and thought he hit the jackpot! He lined them up on the sidewalk to count them out. Then we walked back to their house, regrouped and headed down the street to the block party. They had a huge truck blocking the street and tons of people out eating preordered pizza. I went back to their house to answer the door as they took Heston up the street to trick or treat. He had enough after about 30 minutes, and wanted to come back home but not before he had his bucket filled again!
Rebecca had carved the most intricate pumpkin for their porch. She was going to do a super hero, which Heston loves them all, but at the last minute, he requested her to do a pirate. She did a great job.

For the first time ever, I had left my house dark, for Halloween as I left to go there. I was thinking on the way home of Halloweens past, lots of activity at our house, getting ready as we ate chili, then all the trick or treaters. Then.... the kids getting back home and dumping their candy out on the floor and dividing up what they liked and giving away what they didn`t want. If I think back a really long time ago.... I remember as a child, going out and it being cold. Mother would make us come in and drink soda water. Not the canned soda but water with soda in it!! She said it would help us from getting colds! But the good part of that, for some reason even though we would bring in lots of candy to eat, she always had oatmeal cookies, fresh baked, ready for us when we got in!

happy halloween...

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