Sunday, September 11, 2011


I have been seeing all these tutorials for headbands so I just had to try my hands on a few. Sooo fun to do, with tons of possibilities.

A sweet friend just had a new baby, and while I was getting a few things made for the baby, I tried out a few color combinations to make a headband for big sister. Well, this particular little girl is turning 4 soon but she has THE most beautiful head of hair tha I have ever seen on a child that young. She had a head full of hair when she was born and it has grown fast since then! Her Mother is a photographer, Shooting Star, and took some great birthday pictures of little Kate, as she turns 4. One of them just happened to have my headband on her in so I have to share. I think I will be making more of these real soon.

cut 3 inch circles, about 8, from one fabric
about 2.5 circles, maybe 8-10 from another fabric
cut two 2 inch circles of felt

fold one circle in half, dot of glue to hold (I used glue gun)
then half again, with a dot of glue... repeat until all circles are done
dot of glue on felt circle in the center and place one of the folded circles on it, continue until all 8 are around the felt to form a circle...
repeat with the smaller folded circles on top of the first layer.
Embellish the center when finished with a button, old piece of jewelry or a rosette out of ribbon, like I used. wrap a headband with the same ribbon as the center until the whole band is covered. take the other felt circle, glue on the back of headband where you want the flower to go, then glue the flower on the front side of headband, felt pieces together. enjoy!!


  1. Hi! I am Kim and my blog is I love your headbands and would love to post this on my blog if it is okay with you!

  2. Kim, I don`t know if I commented here or not, sorry... but thank you for stopping by and of course you may post the headband on your site. I am heading to your blog to check it out and follow. Have a great weekend,