Sunday, September 11, 2011

Basement redo

After we went to our son`s house a few weeks ago, and saw his "Man Cave", as he calls it, that he and his wife have created, it has inspired me to fix up my basement. I actually had his wife`s old cream sofas in our garage and they said we could have them, no room at their house for them, so that started the whole process. Moved the old ones out on Sunday, Good Will was already scheduled to come on Monday, so they just took them off the next day. We pulled the old turned new for me, sofas in the room, rearranged a few things, pulled the sofas like an L shape with table in between them. They had an old brown leather ottoman, a rug they no longer needed and that was the new look. I got some quilted pillows at Home Goods, and found a really awesome, soft and fluffy brown quilt. As I was leaving the store with my sister, we spotted this really cool lamp for that sofa table....if you look really hard, in the far left side of the photo, you can spot it. It is kind of like three squares on top of each other but the cool part of them is the outside is kind of like grapevine , twisted around on it to make a neat design all around them.

Today, my son came back over to set up the tv that we got. He has gotten very good with all that stuff these last few years, and I know nothing about it, so I was very pleased to turn that task over to him. I had just finished painting an old dresser that we never really liked. With a fresh coat of black paint, I am really liking it now. We pulled it in the room to have something for the new tv to sit on. With that addition to the room, I think we just about have it all done. Just a few more little things, then the official Man Cave at my home will be ready!!

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