Friday, August 26, 2011


I love to entertain. I don`t really enjoy getting the house ready and cleaning but I love to plan what to have, set my table a few days early to enjoy and find the perfect flowers for the center piece. I have been wanting to have my Bible Study girls over before the summer was over and after realizing last week that it is almost gone, I had a very small window to plan my luncheon. So yesterday, I had 8 of my ladies over for lunch. It was a perfect day outside, and great to get together and catch up.

I think I get my love of setting a pretty table from my Mother. She was the queen of entertaining. She had so many different sets of dishes and cloths and napkins. You could always be sure that when you went to eat at her house, that the table would be set beautifully. She borrowed my black cloth for one of her luncheons and had her pretty white dishes spread around the table. It was one for the memory books that her friends still talk about today after all those years. So, when I spotted my black cloth in my drawer as I was deciding which to use, I pulled it out immediately and set it on the table. As we were going through her things last year to divide up, I brought those same white dishes home with me, knowing I would enjoy using them, just as she did. They were pulled out too and then, I added her large pink bowls to go on top. Perfect for the salad that I was planning to have. with the pink gerber daisies in the middle of the table, I was just about set.

As the ladies got to my house and we sat around the table, my heart smiled as I thought about Mother. How she would have loved to hear all about my luncheon after the ladies had left. She would have loved to hear how I set the table, what I used for the centerpiece and what I fixed for lunch. I felt like a part of her was with me as I used her pretty things. Still missing her but thankful that she is with me in so many ways and so many memories.

Thankful for her today, for what she taught me, for how she showed by example, for her love to entertain, for her love of friends and family and especially for her love of the Lord. Love you, Gaga!!

This is from another celebration we had this year, my sister`s 60th birthday surprise luncheon! Pink, once again, played a huge part in the decor!

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