Sunday, April 10, 2011

Little people

I was playing with some new thoughts, little people, the other day and am enjoying paintings these whimsical pictures. These pictures are designed and painted with a bit of lace added to many of them. This lace is special because it came from Mother`s collection that she kept in her basement. She had a craft room that would rival the best rooms out there. She knew exactly where everything was and everything had a place. She collected lace and lace pieces and had boxes of them all stacked together. She used them for special pillows and pin cushions that many of us have. I have been trying to think of ways to use some of her things and these paintings came to mind. If I could make them special by adding a bit of her lace, I knew that would make me happy. I certainly know that it would have made her happy if she could have seen them. She loved to share her treasures with others. So, hopefully, these little people will bring some smiles to others and a part of her, for others to enjoy.

As they were finished, I scanned them and made note cards out of them. They are finished up with scripture on the back and a sentiment or verse on the front. They are made, with love, to share smiles to all those who receive them in the mail.

This weekend Tom and I flew in to Indianapolis for a wedding. Our dear friends, Pam and Bill, had their oldest son, Will, getting married there. It was our first time to be in Indiana, and we came away, very impressed. The town of Indianapolis was much bigger than we had imagined, even the airport was large and very well laid out. The wedding was in a pretty little chapel and the bride looked gorgeous. I found out two very important things this weekend from the mother of the groom that we may act on at a later date. She said that there is a large demand of brides to have combs, crystal and pearl combs, to put in their updo hair styles. She had a hard time finding one to give to her new daughter in law, Carrie, and when she did find one, she said she paid way too much for it! The other thing she had a hard time finding was pretty lace hankies for the bride and bridal party.

So, I come home today from our weekend trip, with my mind spinning as to how this might be something we can work on for other brides to have available to them. Just a thought right now, but you just never know what becomes of a "thought"!!
Congratulations to Will and Carrie Stanley!!

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