Friday, March 18, 2011

Thoughts of spring and The Cross

It has been 3 months since Mother passed away and lots has happened during those months. We are moving on, but she is always in our thoughts... Especially when I create new cards, I miss her. She always was so supportive of my work, always loved all the designs and was proud to tell her friends about them when she had the chance. So, those times are hard still, but I do them, knowing she would have been happy to see me still moving ahead with Gracie.

Today, as I am sitting here thinking about Easter coming up soon, I am drawn to the thoughts of the simple cross. The cross, where it all started. The cross has special meaning at Easter, as we celebrate Jesus, His death, His burial then His resurrection. How great is this hope we have in Him, without it, life would be unbearable during hard times. I try to think of all the words used to describe this hope and happiness we have in Him.. and a few hours later, I have a new collection.
So today, I show these crosses as well as some new designs from last week. Happy Spring to everyone!!

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