Friday, January 7, 2011

End of the Christmas holidays.... on to Valentines!!

Well, it is officially the end of the holidays. Lara goes back to Baylor tomorrow. She has lots to do between then and now, but she assures us that it will be taken care of. Clothes to pick up, clothes to wash and dry, trash to be thrown away, car to be packed.... set alarm for 4:45a.m. then head out at 5 A.M!! Just as she gets home and I get use to having her, she is heading out again... I know she is ready to get back and finish up this last semester so she can graduate in May. I am always left with the same question when she leaves, "where did all the time go?"!! Especially now, with her being a college senior, how did my baby grow up so quickly?

It has been a different Christmas this year. We missed Mother but we all pulled together and lots of memories were made. Memories of the past were shared as we start to go through things at Mother`s house. There are tears but lots of smiles and laughter too. So now, we move ahead in this new year, 2011, one day at a time. Next.... Brent and Lacy`s wedding Feb. 26!!

Gracie is having a bit of time to get back on track and looking towards Valentines Day. Have a new card to share and hopefully, will have more soon. Thanks for checking in with us.....

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