Sunday, August 23, 2009

Last days of summer

Heston came over to spend the day with me on Friday, we switched from our Monday this week. He took a good morning nap then didn`t really want to spend much time in bed for the afternoon. We had gone to Walmart earlier and gotten a swimming pool on sale to bring out in the afternoon so we got it all blown up and took it outside. He didn`t have his bathin suit but we made do with his shirt and pampers. It was a fun experience for all!! He was getting use to the water when Brent pulled up for the weekend. He had to show off for him a bit in the water. Maybe we will have some more warm days to play in it before we have to put it up for the winter! Yep, my days with Heston are special. I know he will grow up too fast for me and this special time of rocking and hugging will be gone before you know it!! In the mean time, it is grand to be in this stage of my life!!

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