Saturday, March 9, 2013

Phoenix trip

I have been looking forward to this week for a while. Tom and I have arrived in Phoenix for a few days and the weather is gorgeous!!  As we got to our hotel, and went out on the deck, this is our view..

There is a lazy river out there! There were a few brave kids out there today but still a bit chilly for me! Tomorrow and Monday it should be in the 70`s so maybe a little reading by the pool is in store?!!

But, back to my excitement. We found there is an at show here in Scottsdale this weekend. I have never been to an art show outside the south and I am so looking forward to seeing artist from other areas and what all they have created. I see all sorts of retreats out here and have alwasy wanted to come to one so I hope some of those people will be there tomorrow... Lots of inspiration, I am sure!!

Then I have two days while Tom is in meetings, just me and my pad and pencil. I am planning to use some of that inspiration to get me going with new drawings of my own.

 I have worked a few sketches that I had started this week.

Guess it was kind of a "girlfriend" week for me.... As I get older, I treasure more than ever, the relationships and friendships of all those special ladies in my life, young and old.   Of course, the best friend, being my sweet husband!!

Special thanks to the girls at Bluechairdiaryillustrations for the Sunday Sketches that I am pleased to be a part of...Here

Happy Weekend to you all !

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